GIC advises on buy and sell side mandates for both acquisitions and divestitures and conducts due diligence in different sectors of the economy.
Whether you are looking to divest, sell your share in a company or acquire a new company, our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) practice coupled with market insight and strong relationship with regional brokers provide you with value-added advice and successful execution of the transaction.
Our team has a broad range of experience ranging from medium-size to multi-billion dollar mandates across several sectors including telecommunications, banking and finance, retail, real estate, among others.
Sell-side advisory

To achieve best value for the shareholders through the sale of a company fully or partly, we developed sell-side process that includes:

Understanding the shareholder’s objectives

Short listing potential buyers

Preparing the marketing documents

   Determining the value span of the business, also considering       
   synergies to be obtained by the potential acquirer

Determine the mode of sale:

   Competitive Bidding

   Negotiated Sale

Due-diligence support in terms of setting up the Data Room

Assisting the Seller in formulating a negotiation strategy aimed at maximizing shareholder value and minimizing the risks of the transaction

Agreement/documentation drafting including representations and warranties
Buy-side advisory

To optimize the conditions of the acquisition and to mitigate the risks attached, the buy-side process includes:

  Understanding your acquisition objectives

  Screening targets based on agreed parameters

  Selecting targets

  Assessing Exploring the target’s shareholder/(s) interest

  Determining the value

  Identify potential synergies

  Assisting the buyer in formulating a negotiation strategy aimed at  
  arriving at the ‘right’ price of the target

  Organizing the due diligence and support the buyer during the 
  closing of the transaction

       Carry out Business and financial due-diligence

       Assist in Legal, Accounting, Technical due-diligence

   Drafting of investor documentation including representations and   
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