Investment Funding

GIC is well positioned to offer high net worth individuals and institutional clients including sovereign wealth funds, governmental entities, shareholding companies and family businesses, a comprehensive range of products and services covering asset management, investment funding and real estate brokerage.
A range of mutual funds managed by the company in various asset classes and international markets.
Mutual Funds
Discretionary Portfolios
Custom mandates with customized investment guidelines and indices in addition to a range of preset portfolio management solutions with preset strategies including equity, balanced, fixed Income and capital guaranteed.
Private Equity
A range of private equity funds and investment deals in the international community covering various industries.
Real Estate
Investments in real estate funds managed by the company and real estate deals through specialized real estate investment programs.
Portfolio Advisory
Professional advice to clients with an active role in managing their portfolios including equities, fixed income and investment products managed by GIC.
Special Situations Asset Management
Customized asset management solutions to clients seeking value enhancement and optimal realization of “Difficult Assets Portfolio”.
Assisting clients in their periodic need of capital through rights offering, subsequent new offerings and other means of capital provision and enhancement.
Equity Finance
Arranging, structuring and offering a variety of conventional loans.
Debt Finance
Advising on buy and sell side mandates for both acquisitions and divestitures and conducting due diligence in different sectors of the economy.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Providing reputable consulting and advisory services including feasibility studies, business valuations and financial restructuring.
Trading listed equities, fixed income and unlisted equities through portfolio or beneficiary accounts supported by research reports.
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Loan Funding
Asset Management
Investment Funding
Real Estate Brokerage
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