Special Situations Asset Management
GIC offers tailored asset management services, basically “Wind Down”, to clients seeking value enhancement and optimal realization of “Difficult Assets Portfolio” covering multi asset classes with focus in all region.

Our scope of services includes:
Designing Special Structures
Setting up special structure for carved out assets (as per the required governance)

Asset Management
Asset Segmentation, developing value enhancement strategies (operational & financial restructuring), assuming board memberships and appointing & managing in-house and third parties support services

Realization Management
Developing realization plans and cash budgets, executing realization plans, structuring and executing transactions and appointing third party investment banks and brokers
Our services are offered to clients with different strategies & objectives:
» Businesses undergoing divestitures, spin-offs or carve-outs

» Financial due diligence and operational assessment
» Businesses looking to restructure their investments portfolio

» Restructuring of investee companies
» Businesses with transitional operating problems

» Businesses with a history of operating losses or facing the threat of liquidation
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